How to Use Personalized Automated Messages

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Automated Message module allows you to automate and personalize your follow-up process efficiently. You can send out targeted promotions and loyalty programs through the platform to enhance customer engagement and encourage return visits effectively.

List of event triggers currently available:

  • On Date of birth (at 12 am local time)
  • On the Booking Date (at 12 am local time)
  • After sign-up
  • After log-in
  • After log-out
  • After booking dropout (customer initiated the booking process but did not submit the form)
  • After booking cancelled
  • After a booking is completed
  • After referring a friend
  • After reviewing, give 1 star
  • After reviewing, give 2 stars
  • After reviewing, give 3 stars
  • After reviewing, give 4 stars
  • After reviewing, give 5 stars

To manage Automated Messages, go to Marketing > Automated Message:

  1. Here you can see a list of automated messages.
  2. You can click on the toggle to enable or disable the automated message

  3. You can also choose to enable or disable it by channel: email / SMS / WhatsApp.
  4. Click on the New Automated Message button to set up a new automated message or click on Edit on the record to edit existing automated message
  5. Then, select a channel you want to configure the details: email / SMS / WhatsApp
  6. Specify the name and description for your reference
  7. Specify trigger point - this is a point where the system will trigger automatically to send out the message to the relevant customer.
  8. Specify a value in minutes (delay in minutes after the trigger point event)
  9. Select a pre-defined message template - optional.
  10. For email and if you have a banner, browse and upload the file.
  11. Specify the message to be sent out in which you can include the variables in the message. (contact support if you would like us to add more variables) eg.{full_name} {channel} {category} {message_name} {brand_name} {organisation_name} {language} {country_name} {language_name} {business_type} {industry}
  12. For email, specify the call to action button - text & URL when the customer clicks on the call to action button.


  • E-mail messaging is already included in your subscription plan. Please check the monthly limit.
  • SMS messaging requires you to connect your Twilio account in Settings > Organisation > Integrations > SMS - Twilio API Keys
  • WhatsApp messaging requires you to have WhatsApp Business account and connect your Twilio account in Settings > Organisation > Integrations > WhatsApp - Twilio API Keys

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