How to Classify Your Customer Status with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Sfera allows manage all you customers records in one place. Sfera will automatically categories your customers to these groups:

  • New (signed up but no booking completed)
  • Paid (have at least one booking completed)
  • Loyal (have at least X booking completed in the last X days);
  • Churn (have zero booking completed in the last x days)

How to Classify Your Customer Status

You can configure this in Settings > Organisation > Marketing > Customer Status Automated Classification.

To manage your customers data go to Marketing > Customers.

1. List of customers

  • Here you will be able to see a list of customers with their respected classifications: new,paid,loyal, and churn.
  • You can search by name, or filter by date, email or phone number.
  • This will greatly help you decide whether to contact loyal customers to give rewards, encourage them to refer more customers or contact churn customers and give them promo codes so they come back and use your service.

2. Create a new/edit a customer

  • Click on New button to create a new customer record or click on Edit button on the record to edit a customer record.
  • Here you can edit customer’s information
  • You can also see the customer’s history of bookings, referrals, order reviews made, and staff (operator) reviews made.
  • You can also add notes (and documents) related to the customer.

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