How to Manage Bookings

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If you want to handle bookings made online or manually, just go to Sales > Bookings. You can search and filter the list of bookings by date, location, customer, or staff.

Here, you'll see six types of booking categories listed by their current status:

1. New

Once a new booking has been submitted, the status will be listed as new bookings.

2. Confirmed

Users can update the status from "New" to "Confirmed" by either changing it directly from the list or by clicking on "Edit" and changing the order status.

3. Arrived

After customers arrive, you can update their status to "Arrived" to keep track of how long they've been waiting.

4. Ongoing

After the customers starts their service, you can switch the status from "Arrived" to "Ongoing."

5. Completed

Once the customer was served and paid, the user could change the status to "Completed" to better track the service time.

6. Canceled

If a booking needs to be canceled, either because the customer requested it or for other reasons, simply update the booking status to "Canceled."

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